How does Try ME! stack up?

There's no shortage of options when it comes to finding freelancers. To make your life a bit easier, we've compared Try ME! to two other leading competitors, Upwork and Fiverr.

We think choosing Try ME! is a no-brainer. But see for yourself!

How does the site work?

Anyone can design a landing page, but when it comes to finding the perfect freelancer, you need more than a pretty interface. What's the process like for finding the help you need?

You specify if you want an inexperienced or experienced freelancer in the job specifications. You wade through a shortlist of candidates. You check out resumes and references. You conduct interviews with a few likely candidates. You guess whose skills appear to match what you need.
You search the site for the service you need. You pick a service. You check out the gallery. You compare options. You read reviews and ask questions. When you're ready, you place your order for a specific freelancer to take on your "gig".
Try ME!
You tell Try ME! what you need. Freelancers provide samples showing how they'll complete the task. You pick the one that best suits your specific job.

How do you find the right talent?

What tools does the site give you, to help you decide who to hire? How well do those tools work?

You rely on resumes, proposals, and star rankings. Resumes and proposals may not be accurate and star ratings are gameable. You say whether you're open to expert-level ($$$), intermediate ($$), or entry level ($) talent.
You rely on star ratings and brief descriptions of what the freelancers say they can do. The star ratings can usually be manipulated. You respond to individual freelancers' posts on the specific job they'll do (posts include their minimum rate).
Try ME!
You see for yourself what the creative talent can do for you with small work samples.

How do you buy a service with the site?

You've decided what services you need. How do you go about purchasing those services?

You suggest either a fixed price for the entire job or you post a project that can be based on a to-be-determined hourly rate. Freelancers respond with their suggested flat fee or hourly rate.
You purchase a gig for a specific price, but there are plenty of hidden fees.
Try ME!
You set the prices, whether they are flat rate or hourly. No surprises.

What are the consequences of hiring with each company?

After you've hired someone, what's the experience like? How likely is your project to succeed?

You often hire the wrong person for the job. Projects drag on because you have to keep showing the freelancers what you want.
When it works, it's a slam dunk—but it often doesn't work. You end up doing most of the work yourself, wasting time and resources that could be spent growing your business in other ways.
Try ME!
You're already familiar with the freelancer's skills and style. The project is predictable and on time. You collaborate with a proven professional who brings your vision to life.

It's a no-brainer.

Try ME's process beats them all, hands down. You have a huge leg-up over other approaches, when you can actually see how a freelancer will approach your problem before hiring them.

No more boring resumes and portfolios. No more time-consuming interviews. When it comes to hiring with Try ME, what you see is truly what you get!

Find the perfect freelancer for you.

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