Name Your Price

It's your project. It's your budget. You're paying the wages; shouldn't you be able to name your price, as well?

We think so, too! That's why Try Club lets you set the dollar amount that you're willing to pay for each project you create.

Here are a few examples of recent projects on Try Club. The prices are just suggestions — depending on your particular needs, you should feel free to adjust them higher or lower. (Keep in mind, though, that if you lowball too much, the most-sought-after freelancers may not bother applying.)

Animation and Cartoons

Your Business in a Cartoon Strip $120.00
Whether for your business card or website, a cartoon strip can be the best way to present your business in a positive light
Attention Grabbing Animated Ad $220.00
There's no better way to grab interest than an animated video.
A 3D Character for Your Brand $175.00
Craft a 3D character that's perfect for your brand.
2D Animated Story $280.00
Good stories spread. Why not get people talking about your awesome animated story?
Stick-people explain all! $175.00
Want everyone to understand what you do in a simple way? Let an expert animator do the work with a stickman animation video.
Animate Your Mascot $100.00
Bring your mascot to life! Even a little motion can make a static character much more engaging.
Stunning logo animation $120.00
Give your logo some extra panache with a bit of professional animation.
Awesome animated gif $89.00
It's a genetic thing. Movement captures eyeballs. Whether it's an important website or an upcoming presentation, animation increases engagement.
Motion Effects for Your WebSite $175.00
In a world where every website looks the same, custom motion effects make all the difference.
Cartoon to Explain Your Unique Value $100.00
If your business is tough to explain, why not let a cartoon do the work?
Whiteboard Animation $150.00
Want everyone to love what you offer? Make it happen with an engaging whiteboard animation.

Design UI & UX

Mobile App UI $1,000.00
Front end design for your entire app
Wireframes for Your Website/App $200.00
Wireframes remove visual noise and make it easier to experiment with layouts and designs for sites and apps. Get one for your own site today!
User Testing $150.00
Before releasing a new feature into the wild, it pays to have it tested by the best.
User Experience Audit $150.00
The difference between a sad user and a happy user is their user experience. Have the experts audit your app or website to determine areas of strength and weakness.
Design Your App's Flow, Cover to Finish $150.00
It's all about flow. If an app is designed well, you will save a fortune on development.

E-mail Campaigns

Email Sequences That Pay For Themselves $300.00
So you have some successful email campaigns? Our writers can top your best performing email sequence, GUARANTEED!
3-Part MUST-OPEN Email Campaign $95.00
Don't be ignored by potential customers! Get copywriting pros to devolop your email campaign.
7-Part CAN'T IGNORE Drip Email Campaign $180.00
Customers rarely convert overnight! Establish those relationships now through a professionally-scripted 7-part email campaign.

Graphics and Illustration

The Opposite-of-DIY Logo $95.00
"Homemade" may work for apple pie and knitted scarfs, but not so much for branding. See what a difference the touch of a professional can make for your logo!
Product Mascot Design $99.00
Increase customer engagement with an exciting new product mascot.
Business Cards That Do All The Work $65.00
Give prospective clients something distinctive and memorable, and STAND OUT from the crowd!
Postcard layout $95.00
People get junk mail every day. Don't get lost with it! Get an original and inspiring layout for your mailers.
3D effects for Your Photograph $100.00
Make your photo POP with tasteful, professional 3D effects.
3D Logo, professional $145.00
A 3D logo is more than just a new perspective; it's an entirely new dimension. Let a professional help you make the most of it!
Tasty Menu or Pricing List $100.00
Browsing your offerings should never be a chore. Make their mouths water with anticipation, instead!
Poster for Your Big Launch $135.00
Build excitement and anticipation around your next product launch with an attention-grabbing poster.
Sell-the-Impossible Brochure $145.00
Need a spectacular brochure? Have a professional design it for you!
Product Label $100.00
Glimpsing your product's label is often the first time your customers come into contact with your work. Make that first impression count!
Packaging Design $124.00
Delight your customers with clean, friendly, and unique packaging ideas.
Stickers for Your Fans $55.00
Your customers love you. Help them express that love by giving them some original and creative advertising they can stick on their cars, computers, bikes, and bags!
POP display $250.00
Your product has a lot of competition for your customers' attention. Work with a professional to design a new POP display that is original and compelling!
Tradeshow Booth $225.00
Why invest all the money and time in a trade show without a killer booth?
Illustrations to Explain Your Product $150.00
"Show, don't tell" is the order of the day. Inspire your visitors with a picture worth a thousand words!
eBook Cover for More Downloads $250.00
We're told not to judge a book by its cover, but everybody does. Give your eBook an out-of-this-world cover, and make sure that first impression packs a punch!
Letterhead To Open Doors for You $125.00
Does your current stationary leave you feeling stationary? Give your business a push with customized letterhead!
Brand Identity Kit (All The Trimmings) $300.00
Representing your brand consistently across all media and platforms doesn't have to be a chore. Hire a professional and get it done right!
Visual Design for Your Web Site $300.00
When everyone uses the same templates, everyone looks the same. Be original, and commission a design that no one has used before!
Custom Icons for Your Site $100.00
Whether for your app or website, custom icons make all the difference.
Killer Splash Screen For A Killer App $220.00
A one page website that captures the hearts and minds of your audience.
Custom PowerPoint Slides $100.00
Make sure no one sleeps through your presentations again.
A Magnet They'll Want on Their Fridge $60.00
A design so compelling, you might even compete with family portraits on the fridge!
Infographic To Make Your Data Shine $80.00
Spark new insights and inspire new strategies with a professionally crafted infographic.
Hat, T-Shirt, or any Swag You Dream Up $100.00
The more creative your swag, the more memorable your booth, presentation, or sponsorship. Hire a professional and make your mark!
Social Media Cover $100.00
A picture is worth a thousand words, but you still need to make sure those words are saying what you want them to say. Keep your media on-brand with help from our freelancers!
Unstoppable Magazine Ad $150.00
A gorgeous magazine ad can be timeless and effective.
Coupons and Gift Cards $100.00
Give your coupons and gift cards a custom design and make them truly unforgettable.
Direct Mail Art $124.00
Send them an ad they'll love so much they'll post it on their fridge!
Art for Major Social Media Pages $150.00
Grab their attention on every major social media site. They're only a click away!
Inspirational Quotes with Logos & Photos $55.00
Go viral in the best way: by inspiring your customers!
Hand-Drawn Logo $95.00
Give your brand a personal touch with a professionally hand-drawn logo.
Cartoon Character for Your Website $55.00
Show off your playful side by featuring a professionally illustrated cartoon character on your website!
Flat Avatar of YOU $55.00
Commission a hand-drawn illustration of yourself, for use on your blog, website, mailers, and social media sites.
Draw Anything You Can Dream Of $77.00
Got an idea but can't seem to sketch it out? Hire a professional and make it come to life!
Andy Warhol Style Pop Art $100.00
Commission some pop art in the classic and compelling style of Andy Warhol.
Illustrate your blog post $45.00
Increase engagement with professionally drawn illustrations appropriate to your content.


Product Marketing Strategy $150.00
Work with a professional to find the most effective way to spread the word about your product.
In-depth website copy analysis $90.00
Squeeze every ounce of effectiveness from your website! Make sure each word is earning its keep.
Create a tagline for your business $100.00
Find a slogan that fits your business, and that folks won't be able to forget!
Write an Honest Review of Your Website $50.00
Increase your business with an open and sincere review of your site.
Turn More Visitors Into Customers $150.00
Use a proven conversion strategy to turn visitors into customers on your website
Funnel Page Designed $200.00
Design an amazing funnel page that helps your customers see that what you have is what they truly need!


Press Release Please $150.00
A professional press release that will engage the best and the brightest.
Note to Journalists $100.00
An introductory note that will knock the socks off of journalists and influencers who can write about your product.


5 Quora Posts to Increase Your Authority $130.00
Hire a Quora pro to draft responses to questions that relate to your industry and company.
Wikipedia Backlink for Your Company $90.00
For best results, it's not the number of backlinks, it's the quality! Let us propose a wikipedia post that will serve as a useful backlink for your company.
White Hat Link Building Service $150.00
Increase your site's visibility and traffic by getting links posted to high authority sites around the Internet.
Plan 3 Articles for Private Blog Network $150.00
Build your SEO ranking by commissioning three articles to be posted on authoritative websites.
On-Page SEO $150.00
Don't underestimate the power of an optimized site. Get a professional to eke every last bit of potential from yours, and climb to new heights of search engine ranking!
Off-Site SEO $200.00
Navigating the options for off-site SEO can be daunting; hire a professional and reap all the benefits of greater site authority and reach!
Keywords ranking analysis $130.00
The right words make a difference, but finding them can be difficult. Get a professionally compiled analysis of keywords appropriate for your site and industry.
G-Local and G-Map Expertise $75.00
Love it or hate it, Google is where people go for information. Make sure your business shows well there!
App Store Optimization $100.00
There are a lot of fish in the App Store sea. Give your app its best chance of survival!
Measure Effectiveness of Backlinks $50.00
Backlinks are one of the most vital factors for improving search rankings. Find out where you stand and how you can improve.
Analyze social signals for your domain $100.00
Social signals are a key factor improving the ranking of your domain in search results. Find out where you stand.
Resolve Meta Issues $20.00
Most people only look at the first page of Google Search results. Get help making sure your meta tags are optimal for each page.
Competitor Analysis and Comparison $160.00
Wondering why your competitors show up higher in the search results than you do?
Audit SEO Performance $200.00
You can't fix what you don't know is broken. Shine some light on your site and learn what you can do better. Your search engine ranking will thank you!
Killer SEO Content for Blog $70.00
Just tell us the keywords to highlight. We'll send you an amazing blog post that will hoist you up the Google search results ladder.

Social Media

Facebook Ad Worth Clicking! $100.00
Rise above the tide of Facebook advertising mediocrity! Give your viewers something they can't help but click.
Instagram Ad Worth Banking On $100.00
Rise above all the tedious Instagram marketing! Give your viewers something they'll love to click.
Commenting on Article $85.00
Get people talking about your site through meaningful and thought-provoking comments posted on relevant threads around the Internet.
Medium Post with Guaranteed Likes $200.00
This isn't a regular blog post. It's a post that you will receive more than 20 claps, guaranteed or your money back.
Your Contest ➜ Social Media SENSATION $100.00
Contests are an effective way to engage with customers and build brand awareness. Let a professional script yours!

Website Building

High Converting Landing Page $200.00
Not just another landing page. The experts will build a landing page with all the bells and whistles your customers want.
A Form That's Fun To Fill Out $100.00
It's not just another tedious web form for your customers to complete. This one will be so pretty, your audience will practically be begging to fill it out.
Build Responsive Website from PSD/PDF $225.00
You supply the design; our experts will supply the code!
Mobile Optimization $175.00
Convert an old fashioned web site into one that looks gorgeous on phones and tablets too.
Site Speed Optimization $125.00
Turn a slow or average loading website into a speed rocket.


20 Irresistible Google Ads $180.00
Make your ads sizzle! Optimize for success with 20 professional Google Ads.
Landing Page Text to Die For $150.00
Make that first impression count! Give your landing page a genuine punch with some expertly-crafted copy.
Controversial Article? Traffic Spike! $85.00
Let an expert write you something thought-provoking about a controversial topic. Watch your traffic and engagement surge!
4 Traffic-Boosting Blog Posts $260.00
Give customers a reason to visit your site! These professionally-written articles are sure to drive traffic.
Webinar, Guide or Tutorial. Oh, my! $250.00
Want to teach your customers something? We'll research it and write it up for you!
Make Them Smile With A Trivia Quiz $99.00
Engage your customers and build awareness with a fun, 10-question quiz about your company or product! Just tell us the topic, and we'll do the rest.
E-book? Easy! $490.00
Build your credibility and establish yourself as a thought leader with an e-book! Just tell us the subject matter, and we'll do the rest.
10 MUST-CLICK Google Ads $90.00
Don't spend a fortune on feeble advertising! Experiment with 10 professional Google Ads.
20 Irresistable Google Ads $180.00
Make your ads sizzle! Optimize for success with 20 professional Google Ads.
SURE-SELL Product Descriptions $99.00
Tell us about your products. We'll turn around and give you up to three expertly-crafted product descriptions.
Viral Video Script Keeps Them Watching $135.00
Want that video to really take off? Let a professional script it for you!
Convince Them With A Case Study $250.00
Show your customers why you're the best for the job! We'll craft you a solid case study highlighting the superiority of your methods.
Polish That Article ☀︎ Make It SHINE $50.00
You bring the text, we bring the spit-and-polish! Let a professional editor apply some shine, and really make it sing.
Deep Dive With A Long-Form Article $125.00
In depth research on any topic of your choosing! We'll do a deep dive and give you a blog post or article of at least 750 words.