What is a Nano Sample?

A sample is an actual bit of work, done by an actual freelancer, on your actual project. From this sample, you are able to see how the freelancer thinks and what their personal style is. And it doesn't cost you a dime!

These samples make your job easier, because hiring is simpler, quicker, and risk-free!

Samples show…

  • How freelancers will handle the task you give them.
  • Which freelancer's style will be a good match for the project.
  • Who has the right skills for the job.

Samples are…

  • Custom-made for your project.
  • Concise and relevant examples of what potential freelancers can do for you and your business.
  • Simple and easy to navigate. You won't get lost in a pile of resumes or cover letters because you'll jump right to seeing what the freelancers can do for you, not what they've done in the past.

Take Janet, for example…

Janet is a restaurant owner who needs a graphic designer to help with her new website. She creates an account on Try Club and posts a description of her project. She’s looking for someone to design a flyer that she’ll be sending out to notify customers of recent menu changes, and she wants to make sure that it’ll be visually interesting enough to grab people’s attention. Her only requirement is that it features a healthy-looking chef.

A couple days later, Janet logs in to her Try Club account to scan the samples she has received.

First, there’s a picture of a chef riding a unicycle and holding a fish. It’s well-drawn, but a little goofier than what Janet had in mind.

Next, there’s a picture of a jolly-looking chef baking in a messy kitchen. Like the first sample, it’s well done but in a style that doesn’t quite represent the vision Janet had for her brand.

Last, she sees a picture of a sleek, muscular chef wearing a large white chef hat; it’s traditional and fun while also representative of Janet’s healthy restaurant menu.

She chooses her favorite sample, and moments later enters a chat room where she can contact the freelancer directly. The artist follows up with a high-quality sketch, and Janet sees her vision come to life, all in time to get her mailer out to customers before her restaurant’s grand reopening.

It couldn't be simpler!

Or, let's say there's Ted…

Ted is a professional speaker seeking a writer for his new blog. He knows that blogging will increase awareness for his business and brand. Problem is, he feels that he’s a better speaker than writer and doesn’t know where to start. Luckily, he finds Try Club and decides to give it a try. He signs up within minutes and writes a short description of what he wants:

Blog Post for Motivational Speaker, pays $75
For the sample please submit potential blog headlines and the first few sentences to show your writing style.

Later that day, a notice pops up in his email that he has a few samples to review. He logs in and scans them.

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The last one is his favorite: “The Power of Storytelling: Why Personal Anecdotes Make the Best Speeches”. But wait, he thinks, it can’t possibly be this easy. He rereads the sample. Or maybe it can.

After officially choosing his favorite sample, he’s taken to a chat room where he can send messages to his new Try Club hire. He sends a little bit about himself, the main points he’d like to see in the blog, and a few links to sites that he likes. A few days later, his writer sends the first post, and Ted is thrilled.

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